The Stepbac method

Stepbac is a simple and effective method to change unhealthy lifestyle choices and take back control of  health and happiness.

The Stepbac® series of books explains how easily we are tricked into bad habits by modern marketing & sales methods.

Stepbac teaches an extremely simple way to replace an unhealthy lifestyle like smoking, overeeating or  overuse of smartphones, with a single new habit of taking a "Stepbac" to feeling better.

Make 2021 the year that you smash your health goals using the “Stepbac® method".

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Stepbac® from Smartphones

New book in Stepbac series. Look at your family and not your phone this Christmas.

How to stop Smartphone addiction! “Stepbac from Smartphones“ teaches a simple way to change daily addictive smartphone overuse habits. Learn how to control your smartphone instead of it controlling you. Perfect Christmas gift 2020! ❤️

The Stepbac® method is a simple and natural way to replace unhealthy lifestyle choices and habits and to take back control of daily health, well-being and happiness. 

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Stepbac® from Overeating

Learn how to take back control of your weight by changing your daily overeating habits to take a “Stepbac“ to your natural and healthy weight.

“Stepbac® from Overeating“ explains the four main things that make you eat too much and teaches you one thing, the Stepbac® action, to help stop overeating.

If you are a nurse or teacher contact us for a FREE ebook edition from us.

A paperback edition of Stepbac® from Overeating is available on Amazon

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Stepbac® from Smoking

“Stepbac® from Smoking” is a new, simple way to quit smoking cold turkey using the Stepbac® method.

“Stepbac® from Smoking” is easy, fast and fun, both to read and understand with over 40 illustrations and diagrams to help explain exactly how to stop smoking using the easy Stepbac® method.

Available paperback and Kindle ebook


Stepbac online course

Stepbac offers a range of short 1 hour Stepbac online courses to help readers understand the Stepbac method and for support before and after reading our books.

Choose between an INTRO course to introduce readers to the Stepbac method before reading our books and/or a BOOSTER courses to support readers after reading the books.

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"Humans are worth more staring at screens..."

In a 2020 opinion piece in the Spanish newspaper El Pais, by Justin Rosenstein, one of the creators of Facebook’s ‘Like’ button in 2008, he says,

Because humans are worth more staring at screens than out living rich lives, platforms keep us staring

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Stepbac method books
stop cell phone addiction

Stepbac® T-shirts and merchandise now available!

Are you a Stepbaccer?

Order your Stepbac T-shirts & merchandise on and help us keep our ebooks free and our paperbacks at non-profit prices. Thank you. Or visit our donate page

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‘Junk food is the new tobacco’

Britain goes to war on obesity. The tide is turning for the food industry in Britain as Prime Minister Boris Johnson declares war on obesity.

His near-death Covid-19 experience has changed his views on weight and health and has announced regulation that could see bans on junk food outlets near schools and an advertising watershed. 

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It's easier to be happy when you are healthy

Being healthy makes it easier to be happy. A healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you won't have problems in life, but it will give you the energy, confidence and optimism to look on the bright side of life and make your life as full as possible.

Being unhealthy makes it easier to feel unhappy which drains your energy, confidence and optimism. So be happy and healthy. It's a win-win. Stepbac® is a way to boost health and happiness.

The Stepbac® method helps you take back control of your health which makes it easier to be happy.

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Healthy New Year! Learn to control your weight in a natural way.

How to lose weight in a natural way. Use the Stepbac® method and make 2020 the year that you achieve your weight loss and health goals using “Stepbac®

Want to lose weight and not put it back on? Tired of "fad diets" and don't have time to exercise. There is a better way to lose weight and stay slim. What's the secret to losing weight? Find out in the weight control book Stepbac® from Overeating.

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Stepbac method books

How to boost your immune system

Coronavirus: protect yourself better by boosting your immune system. Your lifestyle is very a important factor for your immune system.

Your lifestyle affects how well your immune system is able to protect your body from germs, viruses, and even chronic disease. Stepbac® can be a key factor to help you boost your immune system.

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Sugar in UK chocolate bars

Sugar in chocolate bars. Amount of sugar in UK chocolate bars DOUBLES in less than 30 years. 

A new study in 2019 by Team from Queen Mary University of London reports that on average chocolate bars produced by Cadbury, Nestle and some UK supermarkets were 44% sugar by weight in 1992 - and are now in 2019, 54% sugar.

In the book "Stepbac® from Overeating" you can learn how excessive amounts of sugar are used to hijack the natural human hunger cycle and create overeating habits.

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How to lose weight in middle age

How to lose weight in middle age? According to the Health Survey for England from 2016, only 22% of middle aged men in England in the age group 45-54 are a natural weight. That's 4 out of 5 middle aged English men who are overweight or obese.

StepBac® is a long term effective way to change your lifestyle and lose weight in middle age and to stay at a healthy and natural weight for the rest of you life

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Best Tips LOSE WEIGHT 2020 New Year's Resolution

2020 ​New Year's Resolutions For Weight Loss

The new weight control book “Stepbac® will help you take back control of your weight by teaching you a simple way to change your daily overeating habits and take a “Stepbac®“ to your natural and healthy weight.

“Stepbac® from Overeating“ explains four main things that make you want to eat too much and teaches you one thing, the Stepbac® action, to help you stop overeating.

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Best Tips Stop Smoking 2020 New Year's Resolution - How to quit smoking

2020 Stop Smoking Tips from the creators of the Stepbac® method - a new and better way to stop smoking called the Stepbac® method.

We hope these "Stepbac® from Smoking" tips will help you make a success of your 2020 New Year's Resolution to Quit Smoking for once and all.

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Stop vaping using the Stepbac® method

Vaping and e-cigarettes should be banned in the opinion of Stepbac® creators and authors of Stepbac® series of health improvement books, Carl and Peter Williams.

Vaping or e-cigarettes is a pointless product and has no justification as a valid method to quit smoking.

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Bad food choices are killing people. Poor diet causes 1 in 5 deaths globally

27 year long study found that one in five deaths globally in 2017 occurred because of poor diet. That's around 11 million deaths because of poor eating habits.

Food is supposed to keep you alive, not kill you. The Stepbac® method can help change dietary habits and help you take a “Stepbac® “ to your natural and healthy weight.

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How to stop teenagers from smoking?

How to stop teenagers from smoking? Advice for parents

Many parents want to know how to stop their teenage children from smoking. Here's how.

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