UK study finds that severe overweight makes middle aged people 50% more likely to die early

According to an article on the Guardian newspaper "severely obese people in middle age 50% more likely to die early" with "high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes among the risks

These findings are based on analysis of data on 2.8 million NHS patients.

The article highlights also that "people with the highest levels of obesity are running a high risk of a range of serious illnesses and premature death, with 12 times the risk of type 2 diabetes, 22 times the risk of sleep apnoea and nearly four times the risk of heart failure compared to those who are of normal weight."

Read the full article by Sarah Boseley, Guardian Health editor on Monday 29th April 2019 in the Guardian newspaper

Stepbac® opinion: 

Another excellent article from the Guardian. It highlights that Britain has a growing problem with overweight and obesity.

Overweight is a killer. It kills people and it is beginning to kill public health services, like the NHS, who cannot cope with the wide variety of serious health problems that overweight people suffer.

In our opinion the best way to stop overweight is to prevent it in early middle age.

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The book is based on the Stepbac® method of taking back control of your lifestyle habits.

It explains in plain language, with many clear diagrammes, why and how, so many people will become overweight in middle age unless they change their lifestyle habits.

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