Poor diet caused 1 in 5 deaths globally in 2017.

A 27 year global diet study by an international group of hundreds of researchers called the "Global Burden of Disease 2017 Diet Collaborators" made headlines all over the world in April 2019.

This 27 year long study found that one in five deaths globally in 2017 occurred because of poor diet.

That's around 11 million people.

11 million deaths because of poor eating habits.

It is clearer than ever that bad eating habits leads to overweight and that changing daily eating and drinking habits could prevent many early deaths.

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Stepbac® is not a weight loss diet or a food plan - it's a method that explains how we are all being tricked by the sugar (and salt and fat) in the food eat, into overeating, which leads to overweight and bad health.

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