About the Stepbac method and books

Stepbac is a simple and effective method to understand why we often make unhealthy lifestyle choices and to change them and take back control of one's health.

The Stepbac® method is a series of easy-to-read self-help books to help people understand how and why they were manipulated and tricked into unhealthy lifestyle choices and bad habits.

Stepbac explains a simple way to replace many unhealthy habits with a single new habit of taking a "Stepbac" to a healthier lifestyle.

Users of Stepbac have been able to take back control of daily health, well-being and happiness and maybe you can too.

Make 2020 the year that you achieve your health goals using the “Stepbac® method".

NEWS! During the Covid-19 pandemic and the entire year of 2020 Stepbac books are free or non-proft prices in ebook and paperback editions.

To support Stepbac readers we are launching online Stepbac courses from mid-May 2020.

The Stepbac® method is a simple way to take a personal "step back" to a time in life when you had a healthier lifestyle.

The Stepbac books explain in a simple and clear way how modern marketing methods trick people into unhealthy lifestyle habits.

stepbac method books 2020

The Stepbac method teaches a simple Stepbac® action that can replace lifestyle unhealthy habits including smoking, overeating and smartphone addiction among other unhealthy habits with a new and healthy habit of taking a "Stepbac" from the addictions and habits that damage our health.

Anyone can take back control of their body, happiness, health and life using the Stepbac® method.

One could say that the Stepbac® method is a kind of health "time-travel" to reset oneself to an earlier and healthier version of oneself - before bad lifestyle habits took over.

The Stepbac  method forms the basis for a series of self-improvement books written in an very easy-reader style with many clear illustrations to back up the Stepbac style that mixes common sense and common science.

The Stepbac® method was created in 2014 in Barcelona by two tour guides, and brothers, Carl & Peter Williams. and they have written the Stepbac books in a clear "tour guide" language so that everyone can understand and use Stepbac. 

The Stepbac self-improvement books are inspired by their own lifestyles in Barcelona, Spain and based on their philosophy of “Stepbacism” which holds that good health and happiness are intrinsically linked.

Carl and Peter are currently writing new books in the Stepbac® series and also developing talks and seminars.

“Stepbac® from Smoking”

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The first book in the Stepbac series was published in 2016 and is called “Stepbac from Smoking”.  "Stepbac from Smoking" explains the four main things that make people addicted to smoking and then teaches a simple way to stop smoking. Buy on Amazon in ebook edition or paperback at special reduced prices during 2020 and entire Covid-19 pandemic.

Stepbac from Smoking review

"Just finished reading the book and smoked my last cigarette.
It's great book and I believe it will help me quit.
It's very practical book and backed up with science."
Mohamed Hamed. 

“Stepbac® from Overeating”

digital cover stepbac from overeating
The second book in the series is called "Stepbac from Overeating" was published in December 2018.

“Stepbac from Overeating” helps people to take back control of their natural and healthy weight.

It explains what makes makes people eat too much and then teaches a simple way to eat less.

The Stepbac method is to learn to eat less and to eat a natural amount that is healthy for the body.

Stepbac is not a diet book, a fitness book or a cookbook. There are millions of such books available already and to be honest, judging by the average weight  riseof western populations, diets, gyms and cooking guides are not effective.

How is Stepbac from Overeating different?

Stepbac is different because we explains how the food industry is tricking minds and manipulating daily eating habits.

Most people know that they could change certain things to be healthier and many would say that those things would be to eat healthier and exercise more.

But many people have tried diets and exercise programs and lean cooking for years - and failed to change their weight or lifestyle.

Daily movement like walking is essential, but the diets, gyms and cookbooks are only good at one thing, which is to make people miserable.

The way to long term healthy weight is to understand how to eat less but without misery. Eat less, but eat well and be happy. Stepbac  shows how how to do that. It's very simple and it works.

It's been known for decades how the food industry methods and processed food contribute to long term bad health, but in the book "Stepbac from Overeating" we explain it all in a very clear and simple way, so that anyone can understand how they are being tricked.

Stepbac is different because all we do is explain how you can eat less without making too many changes in the food you eat. You don't have to cook in a different way or train for a marathon or go vegan. Stepbac

Using Stepbac you eat the same but less. No misery, no suffering. 

How is that possible?

When you know how you are being tricked into overshopping for food and overeeating,  then it's much easier to untrick yourself.

Stepbac  is a way to take a easy and small daily “Stepbac” from shopping for too much food, from cooking too much food and most importantly from overeating and over snacking everyday.

By replacing many automatic and unnecessary food related habits with one habit of taking a Stepbac, then gradually you will regain control of your body´s natural health - and slowly but surely over time you will drop back to a healthy and natural body weight - and you will stay there.

During these times of Covid-19 weight is an important factor for good health. Being at a little healthier weight is part of having a strong immune system that is better equipped to fight virus infections and other illnesses.

During 2020 and Covid-19 pandemic it is FREE on Amazon (.com), Kobo and Barnes&Noble in ebook edition. It's FREE to download in ebook edition from Stepbac download page. The paperback edition is reduced to non-profit price.

Stepbac from Overeating reviews

"I loved this book. Simple, practical, and actionable.
It will work, 100%, if one understands the 4 reasons we all overeat, and then employs the 4 steps in the Stepbac method. 
The Williams Brothers have nailed the problem, and provided an easy to follow solution for all us - Stepbac!
Highly recommend."
John E 

Next book in the Stepbac® series is "Stepbac® from Smartphones" - how to beat smartphone addiction.

Will be available in July 2020

More titles in Stepbac® series in development:

coming soon in Stepbac series

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Individual results may vary and Stepbac is cognitive behavioural method that requires some willpower from reader.

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