How can I lose my stomach fat?

How can I lose my belly fat?

It's quite simple to loss stomach fat. Eat less. You don't have to run a marathon or hit the fitness center every day. You just need to eat fewer calories than your body needs.

The human body needs fuel every day to power the body. That fuel is food or to be more accurate, the calories in food.

But a human only need around 2200 calories a day to power a body to stay at a natural weight.

Eat more than the daily amount of calories necessary and the excess calories will be stored as fat aound your body including on your belly.

Eat less than the daily recommended amount of calories that you need means you are putting less fuel into your body that it needs and then it will start using the fat already stored on your body as fuel. When the body burns excess fat for fuel you will lose reduce body fat and reduce weight.

That's the simple explanation. Remember it's very dangerous and unhealthy to not eat at all and doctors recommend not to go below 1500 calories a day when attempting to lose weight.

This means that losing weight is a gradual process and the same goes for belly fat.

But - good news -  it's very easy to take losing weight in a natural and healthy way - when you know how. Stepbac teaches you how.

Our Stepbac method and book "Stepbac from Overeating" is a simple method to control food shopping and food overeating habits.

"Stepbac from Overeating" explains how the food industry uses science to create overeating shopping and eating habits and cravings and then the book teaches a very simple way to change these habits. This means you can take back control of eating and gradually get back down to your body's natural weight. 

This is a what we call a "common sense/common science" book written in very plain language with many illustrations making it a fun and easy to read, understand and use.

Read it today in paperback or e-book edition. It's FREE during the Covid-19 pandemic because overweight Covid-19 patients are more at risk than patients who are at a natural weight.

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Individual results may vary and Stepbac is cognitive behavioural method that requires some willpower from reader.

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