#SFO1hB Stepbac from Overeating introduction course

Course number:  #SFO1hB
Name: Stepbac from Overeating introduction course:
Duration: 1 hour in total 
Price: €10 per person
Max group size: 6 persons
Who’s this course for: People who want to lose and control their weight but have not read the book but want to know more about the method before reading it, to see if it is of interest to them.
Available from: from Monday 18th May onwards

#SFO1hB Course overview:

1 hour intensive general introduction talk which explains the “science” in the Stepbac from Overeating book. We explain how sugar tricks the brain and how it changes the body's natural hunger cycle and traps people in a life of overeating and overweight. We explain how habits and cravings works and how the Stepbac method can be used to replace overeating habits. This talk includes a free e-book edition of Stepbac from Overeating.  which we recommend that participants read after the course. Participants will be well prepared to read and understand the book after this course. To stop overeating follow the Stepbac action instructions in the book when you read it. 

Course dates: Tuesday (booking required)
Course time: 17-18 Spanish time CET
Breaks: none
Payment: full payment in advance by PayPal or Patreon
What is included: Includes free ebook "Stepbac from Overeating" for Kindle or ereaders. (We can help you install if you are not familiar with ereaders)
What you need: You will need a laptop PC or a tablet or iPad and a good internet connection.  Also a quiet indoor space with no distractions. The instructor will be online 20 minutes before the start of the first class starts to check connection speeds of course participants. 
Course language: English (good level required)

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